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Agency 2.0
Agency 2.0 provides creatives and entrepreneurs with the crowdfunding resources to grow their projects in the digital age, while maintaining 100% ownership.
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"The Ayudos Crowdfunding Blog and Community is dedicated to helping the Crowd-funding community abroad by directly promoting and sharing Crowdfunding campaigns and projects with those interested in funding and investing great projects. We are passionate about helping Crowdfunding Campaigns Succeed in and Surpass their Goals! Our services are tailored specifically in assisting crowdfunding projects get more exposure and views thru new media and traditional marketing."
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Best Crowdfunding Websites is the most trusted source for news and Information about the Crowdfunding Industry. Find trustworthy crowdfunding websites and crowdfunding services providers and discover the hottest crowdfunding campaigns.
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BoardSuite is the most trusted source for news and Information about the Crowdfunding Industry. Find trustworthy crowdfunding websites and crowdfunding services providers and discover the hottest crowdfunding campaigns. Logo
CrowdFunding Campaign Search Engine
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Crowdfund Mafia
"We are a Digital Marketing and Creative Service Agency in Southern California focusing in tech, innovation, gadgets and creative projects. We provide Publicity Services, Consultation and Training for Start-ups and Creative Projects looking to use Crowdfunding to raise capital."
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CrowdFund Zoom
CrowdFund Zoom is a Kickstarter promotion and marketing service that promotes crowdfunding projects and campaigns. With the use of Social Media Promotion, Press Releases, and Consulting services, CrowdFund Zoom lets users get the word out about their projects so they can focus on the business end.
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CrowdFunders Promotion
CrowdFunders is a professional crowdfunding campaign promotion group. Our mission is to drive traffic to your crowdfunding page, giving you exposure, inevitably causing your campaign to get funded.
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ddenn creative
ddenn is a full service Creative Agency located in the heart of San Diego specializing in Content Marketing, Crowdfunding Strategy, & Social Media.
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This company;s mission is to make application development easier for the non-technical user.
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GoGo Rocket
If you have a campaign on Indiegogo, then you need the GoGo Rocket.
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Intelligent Design Video Production
We have worked with Oscar-winning filmmakers and Hollywood stars to small non-profits and countless Kickstarter entrepreneurs. Nothing too big or small… we do it all. We offer soup-to-nuts service – you show us your product or service, we will help you tell your story. Have a vision? We’ll make it a reality.
Intelligent Design Video Production
Kinship Marketing
Kinship Marketing was created to service the needs of small businesses and creative entrepreneurs that want low-cost, effective, online marketing.Kinship Marketing has a deep passion for helping the independent creator and it is what drives us every day to constantly create and develop the best ways to market small businesses online at the absolute lowest prices.
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Platinum Metrics
We provide guaranteed and affordable SEO services. We work hand in hand to get you that laser target ted traffic you need to grow and get that online branding, sales, and exposure.
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Prefundia showcases projects about to launch on Kickstarter and other channels.
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Locket our goal is to develop ecommerce solutions that make sense on the social web. The concept of a storefront, a single location where products can be purchased is a thing of the past. ShopLocket now makes selling products from any blog, social network or website just as easy as sharing a photo or video. Whether you’re an established business looking to start selling online or an entrepreneur launching your first product ShopLocket is the solution for you. The fastest way to take payment information and charge later.
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The CrowdFund Boutique
We offer promotion, advertising, and consulting services for your crowdfunding campaigns. Your goal is our goal.
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CrowdFunding PR
CrowdfundingPr is a free self-service press release service. You can use CrowdfundingPr to create a press release for your crowdfunding campaign. CrowdfundingPr is not a press release distribution service. We do not actively market your press release to news organizations. You can use CrowdfundingPr to improve your search engine visibility, build your business image, and to create a press release to share your story with journalists/bloggers.
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Our specialty is giving your crowdfunded project the big boost it needs … putting your campaign in front of millions.
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Crowdfunding Services
Crowdfunding-Services is a US-based Company that has been providing innovative solutions to projects creators since the very beginning of the crowdfunding industry.
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