Meet Some of the Team
Brenda Wunsch

Brenda Wunsch has a proven executive management track record and over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Most recently, Brenda was President of Sandpiper Marketing/OnQmedia. During her tenure at Sandpiper/OnQ Media, she was instrumental in implementing financial strategies and maximizing all the available resources including branding for several start-up companies.

  David Khorram

David passions are CrowdFunding, helping to raise capital for others ideas, and business. He is a Googlelator and uses Google (The Innovation Engine) to leverage brands, increase efficiency and reduce cost for Start ups. During last 35 years, He has Co-Founded a series of companies which he has successfully and profitably managed. These organizations have completed projects that collectively generated above 700 million dollars in profit.

  Sue Malone
Thought Leader

There comes a point in time when every business needs capital that is the niche Sue Malone fits in – whether you are a start–up or existing business, Sue is on your side. Over the past 12 years, Sue has been successfully working with small businesses to obtain the capital they need to start or expand their business. Having helped over 41,000 businesses secure the funding they need.

Dr. Josph Greco
Ph.D and Finance Professor

Dr. Joe Greco began his business career as a financial analyst with the multinational Santa Fe International Corporation where he held positions as a project and corporate accountant and then a financial analyst responsible for the analysis of financial statements from 26 subsidiaries‚ various mergers and potential acquisitions. After completing his Ph.D. in financial economics‚ he entered the academic world as the holder of the Rhodes Chair in International Business at Baker University in Kansas.

  Sydney Armain
CrowdFundBeat Publisher

Sydney is a long time silicon valley entrepreneur‚ with more than twenty years experience in Valley's community acting in both an entrepreneurial and investing capacity. he is a CrowdFunding visionary and trail blazer with an unusual ability to see synergies between the different elements that make up the ecosystem. His enthusiasm is infectious and I have enjoyed working with him. engaging entrepreneur and outstanding networker and visionary of CrowdFunding.

  Howard Rheingold
Thought Leader

Rheingold was born in Phoenix‚ Arizona. He attended Reed College in Portland‚ Oregon‚ from 1964 to 1968. His senior thesis was entitled "What Life Can Compare with This? Sitting Alone at the Window‚ I Watch the Flowers Bloom‚ the Leaves Fall‚ the Seasons Come and Go."

A lifelong fascination with mind altering and its methods led Rheingold to the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Xerox PARC. There he worked on and wrote about the earliest personal computers. This led to his writing Tools for Thought in 1985‚ a history of the people behind the personal computer. Around that time he first logged on to The WELL - an influential early online community.

Amir Gorden
Ph.D and Finance Processor

Amir Goren is currently the founder of Invobit, a Fintech start-up company. Previously Amir founded Batrotech, a synthetic-biology company and before that he was the founder and CEO of Piercell, a nano-bio company. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur Mr. Goren held senior executive positions with a digital video technology company after working for a management consultancy.

Amir is also a technology commercialization and crowdfunding consultant specializing in optimizing the path to market adoption and validation of new technologies. Amir holds B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, MBA, M.S from Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, a and he is an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program.

  Sam Mian
CrowdFunding Manufacturer

Born and raised in London, England, Mr. Mian immigrated to the U.S. in the 1980s. By the early 1990s, Mr. Mian had finished college and started working as an Application Engineer for a Southern California based Engineering and Manufacturing Company which specialized in providing Industrial Air Handling Solutions. Over the next several years, Mr. Mian grew within the company in various positions and was promoted to Senior Strategic Account Manager.

In 1998, Mr. Mian launched his first start-up company which focused on Engineering, Manufacturing, and Design of Industrial “Fluid” Handling Solutions with primary focus in industries such as hydroponics, aquaculture, waste water treatment, and biogas conveyance.

  Bryan Gianesin
CrowdFunding Attorney

Bryan Gianesin is a seasoned business transaction and securities lawyer. He has advised more than 400 startups‚ entrepreneurs‚ and business clients over the last 26 years. He has lived in and worked in Orange County‚ California for over 30 years.

Bryan has a passion for entrepreneurs and business owners and has advised numerous local and national companies regarding business structure‚ business operations‚ private placements and public offerings. He submitted his first public offering S-18 Registration Statement in 1987.